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Priorities is the party game of absurd choices.


Savage Cyanide - Debate It!

Trade opinions with your friends on the most zany and important debates of our time.



Wordsmithery is dead easy. Guess the meaning of word.



Imposter is a lively after-dinner game in which players use debate, bluff and logic to win points.


After-Dinner Riddles

Stimulate your brain with fun lateral thinking riddles in After-Dinner Riddles by Clarendon Games!



Bit of a boff or more of a blagger? Poppycock! is the hilarious trivia game that rewards big brains and mischievous mouths.


Porno Charades

Act out funny porno titles like ‘Womb Raider’ or ‘Prodzilla’ for your team mates to guess.


Lyrical Liniment - Word Merge

Quickly find words from letter cards being dealt out on the table.


Bluff Trivia

Test your knowledge and cunning by playing Bluff Trivia by Clarendon Games!


Categories Game

Categories Game is a fun, quick-fire categories game by Clarendon Games!


The Mole

The Mole is a hilarious, naughty, conversation-based game in which players use observation, bluff and cunning to win.


Most Likely To

Discover what your friends really think of you in this brutal and hilarious voting game.


Jabber Jaw

It’s your job to describe or mime out phrases like ‘the judges juggled’ and ‘the duck is downstairs…


Truth Serum - Truth or Dare

Find out what your friends are capable of in this adult party game of hilarious dares and terrible truths!


Words Apart

Words Apart is a filthy cooperative party game for word lovers.


Cake Stacker

Ready, steady, stack! Cake Race is the fast & furious card game.


UFO Throw

UFO Throw is the action-packed card tossing game with Flying Saucers!


Herding Cats

Felines are causing havoc! Race against your opponents to round up four-of-a-kind.


Original Board Games

To date, Clarendon has launched 12 board and card game titles and sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. Clarendon Games has won numerous awards for game design and been featured in media around the world including the BBC, MSNBC, the Telegraph and the Economist.

Featured Game


Priorities is the party game of absurd choices.

What’s more important to you: your new sneakers, climate change, or friendship? What do you love more: kittens, your new girlfriend, or a long hug? Rank every day items in your order of priority.




“Priorities is the best game I have bought in a very long time!!

Mrs. J. C. Moulton