About Us

Clarendon Games is a creative company working with highly talented illustrators to publish design-led board and card games for all ages.

It all began back in 2012 in the aftermath of the financial crash, when Clarendon Games founder Will Sorrell quit his full-time job in product development for a skincare brand to design board games. Confident that people were looking for different ways to entertain themselves, Will understood that board games bring people together and make them laugh. This is the backbone of every product Clarendon Games creates. Beautifully packaged, easily transported, fun, fast-paced games. They’re perfect for after dinner or to wile away a Sunday with friends and family.

Building Clarendon from the ground up, Will cold-called major retailers from his home and pitched the concepts, and the retailers were hooked. To date, Clarendon has launched 12 board and card game titles and sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. Clarendon Games has won numerous awards for game design and been featured in media around the world including the BBC, MSNBC, the Telegraph and the Economist.

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