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Who We Are

Clarendon Games is a London-based, independent publisher of quirky, light-hearted, and fun board and card games for all ages.

It all began back in 2012, when founder Will Sorrell quit his job in product development to design board games. Confident that people were looking for different ways to entertain
themselves, Will understood that board games bring people together and make them laugh. This is the backbone of every
product Clarendon Games creates. Our Miracle Medicines will cure you of boredom and our Party Poisons will have you rolling around on the floor in stitches. Test your reactions in UFO Throw, shout absurd phrases in Jabber Jaw, or get away with outrageous bluffs in Poppycock!

From hilarious shouty-outy family fun to adult party games, we’ve got you covered!

Our Team

Will Sorrell

Founder - CEO

Jovi Tsui

Supply Chain Director

Lee Crocker

UK Sales Director

Jordan Clements

Social Media Manager

Worldwide Shipping

With warehouses in UK, USA, and China, we can ship everywhere

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We use the best materials and ensure excellent quality control

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Our products are excellent value with hours and hours of playability!

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Our ecommerce website is hosted on the Shopify platform