Clarendon Games

Stack cards. Demolish Cake.

Ready, steady, stack!

Price: £11.99

Ready, steady, stack! Cake Race is the fast & furious card game where you must race through your deck of cards and stack layers of cake to win. The more cards you play, the more cake you get to eat. It’s the fun family version of racing demon, with a cherry on top!

Players: 2+
Ages: 14+
Game duration: 30 minutes
Contents: 96 cake cards

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To date, Clarendon has launched 12 board and card game titles and sold over 150,000 copies worldwide. Clarendon Games has won numerous awards for game design and been featured in media around the world including the BBC, MSNBC, the Telegraph and the Economist.



Our clients say:

Loads of laughs, we adapted the game play for Zoom with a group of friends.