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What’s New With Us in April?

We've been up to a lot this month!

Read this month’s blog post for updates on our social media and more exciting Clarendon Games news.

Thank You For Your Recent Support On Our Social Media

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone for the continued support on our social media channels! Recently on TikTok, one of our videos has passed an incredible 2.8 million views. In this video, we challenge a pair to say the same word at the same time to win £10! Check the video out by clicking on the thumbnail to see if they succeed.

We have been absolutely blown away by this response, and we can’t wait to show you new videos in our existing street play series, and to debut some new series!

Ready, Steady, Doodle!

One new series that we plan to debut very soon is our games of Doodle Mayhem with the public! Doodle Mayhem is our hilarious, fast-paced drawing game where everybody draws at the same time. It’s important to balance speed and accuracy in this game, as you will earn points if your team can guess your drawing – but points will be deducted if your drawing is not guessed!

For these videos, we asked members of the public to play a round of Doodle Mayhem with us. We had such a great time filming this series, so keep your eyes on our social media to see how everyone’s doodles come out!

UKMumsTV Giveaway Announcement

In last month’s blog post, we announced a giveaway of a huge bundle of our games in collaboration with UKMumsTV, which closed on the 3rd of April. Congratulations to Sheila for winning the bundle, we hope that you have fun with our picks for a laughter-packed family game night!

Game Recommendations For Large Groups In Our Newsletter!

Are you hosting a dinner party soon? Have a big group holiday coming up? Is the whole family coming over? We’ve got you covered! In the most recent edition of our newsletter, we shared our selections for games that can be played with large amounts of people.

Herding Cats

Felines are causing havoc in Herding Cats! Bring your sharpest reflexes to this 100 meow-an-hour card grabbing game. Up to 12 players can join in this frantically fast fun as you race with your friends and family to snatch cat cards up from the table to get four-of-a-kind.


Imposter, which can be played with large groups of up to 16 people, is a social deduction game. You and your fellow players have been invited to a dinner party at the Earl of Simpleton's manor. Everyone is not who they seem though, as there are imposters among you attempting to smuggle out the Earl's treasure! Use careful bluffs, logic, and cunning to discover the imposters, or to blend in as an imposter and stay undetected.


There is no maximum player number for Priorities, so it is perfect for large groups of any size. Priorities is a party game of extreme honesty and absurd choices where the aim of the game is to work out how your family and friends have ranked a series of random items from love to loathe. Priorities is a great game for getting to know your fellow players more, so it works as an icebreaker game too!

Game Of The Month

The game of the month for April is Wordsmithery, the game for any wordsmith! The goal of Wordsmithery is to gain points by guessing the meaning of tricky words (with the help of three fun multiple choice options). Perfect for learning new vocabulary words and showing off your wordy smarts to your friends and family.

Wordsmithery can be played by a minimum of 2 players, and is great for anyone over the age of 7.