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Something Big Is Coming Soon…

Happy June!

Summer is now in full force, and we have a sneak peek of something very exciting for you in this month’s blog post!

Coming Soon...

We have a very exciting announcement to make, the announcement will be coming soon but we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

We can give you one clue though; it might be time to start getting your priorities in order.

Watch our social media channels for updates on this news and let us know if you have any guesses as to what the announcement might be!

Our Summer Board Game Picks!

It’s summertime, which means garden parties, picnics, beach trips, and barbecues are in full swing. We’ve compiled a list of some of our board game picks that would fit in perfectly with any summer event.

The Mole

The Mole is our adult social deduction party game for shady people. In The Mole, players are split into two teams, the majority of players will be spies while one player will be the mole! All of the spies will know what the secret location is when the round starts, the mole will have no idea and will have to use cunning and deception to convince the other players that they know where they are! The spies must use careful questions and answers to let other spies know that they are aware of the secret location and hunt the mole down, the mole must either correctly guess the secret location or evade capture to win! The Mole can be played with 3-7 players and by anyone aged 17+, perfect for a summer party!

After Dinner Riddles

After Dinner Riddles is a pocket-sized game that can be taken and played anywhere, and therefore is ideal for a picnic or the beach. In After Dinner Riddles, you are competing with your fellow players to be the first to solve 3 riddles. There are two game modes in After Dinner Riddles, either the turn-based version or the free-for-all version, so you can choose whichever mode suits your group’s playstyle more. So, are you ready for a fun mental workout? After Dinner Riddles can be played with 2+ players and is great for anyone aged 10+.

Doodle Mayhem

Doodle Mayhem is our drawing game where everybody draws at the same time! In Doodle Mayhem, all players race to finish their drawing quickly so that they can pick up the highest points card available. Then, temporary teams are formed, and you must attempt to guess every member of your team’s drawings within 30 seconds. If all of the drawings are guessed, then you will all gain the points on the bottom of the points cards; however, if they are not guessed then those points will be deducted, and the other team will have a chance to guess to win some points! Doodle Mayhem would be right at home during a garden party, it can be played with 4-6 players by anyone aged 8+.

Our New Social Media Series: The Categories Game!

This month, we launched a new series on our social media channels where we play our Merriment Mixture: Categories Game with members of the public. In this game, we challenged players to name as many items in a random category as they could with no repetitions or hesitations, with the last player standing being the winner. We had a lot of fun filming this series and we’re looking forward to showing you more, check out the first video in this series by clicking on the thumbnail on the left!

Game Of The Month

Our game of the month for June is Herding Cats! Herding Cats is an 100-meow per hour card grabbing game where the aim is to collect four of the same cat card! In Herding Cats, you are working with a partner, you create a secret signal with your partner at the start of the game and must use this to indicate that you have four-of-a-kind – you can win points if your partner shouts ‘Cool Cats!’ upon seeing your secret signal. You can also intercept your opponents and win points by shouting ‘Cat’s Out Of The Bag!’ if you see their secret signal! Herding Cats is frantically fast-paced fun, it can be played with between 4-12 players by anyone aged 6+.