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Priorities in Target, Games On-The-Go, And More!

We Have Some Big News This July!

Read this month’s blog post to find out about Priorities in Target, our easily-portable game recommendations, and more!

Priorities Is Coming To Target!

In last month’s blog post, we teased an announcement, and we are excited to reveal that Priorities is coming to Target! From the 4th of August, you will be able to pick up a copy of Priorities at your nearest Target!

Priorities is our party game of extreme honesty and absurd choices, it’s a hilarious co-operative game where your group work together to learn as much about each other as possible! You’ll be questioning how well your family and friends really know you as they work together to try to accurately predict how you’ve ranked a set of 5 random everyday items in order of your priorities. Be careful though! If you are the one choosing your priorities, you can’t hint at your chosen order – it will be up to the others work that out.

What’s more important to you: Netflix, climate change, or being right? What do you love more: kittens, your new girlfriend, or a long hug?

In Priorities it’s you versus the game, any correctly ranked item cards will be won by the players but get the ranking wrong and the game will steal them. It’s a race see which team, the players or the game, can spell out Priorities with the letters on the back of the cards first!  

Priorities can be played with groups of 2 or more and is great for anyone aged 14+, making it the perfect fit for family or adult game nights, or even as an icebreaker!

So, what are your priorities? 

Ready to find out? Check out Priorities on using the link below or in-store from the 4th of August!

Want To See A Round Of Priorities In Action?

On our social media we have recently launched several Priorities playthrough style videos! Check out the link below to find our social media and see how Priorities is played.

Games On-The-Go

Heading to the beach or going out for a picnic this summer? Here are some easily portable games that you’ll be able to bring with you wherever you’re heading!

Merriment Mixture: Categories Game
This game is a pocket-sized bundle of fun! Quick-to-learn and easy-to-play, Categories Game tests your general knowledge and quick wit. To play, a card is chosen – this card will indicate what the category for the round will be, for example ‘ice cream flavours’. Then, players must name items in that category one by one without hesitating or repeating any items. The last player standing will win the round and the card! The first player to successfully win three rounds, and thus collect three cards, wins the game. Categories Game can be played with 2+ players by anyone aged 8+.
Click Here To See Categories Game On Our Website
Savage Cyanide: Debate It
Debate It is another game that can easily be slipped into a bag or pocket for on-the-go! In Debate It, you will trade opinions with your friends on hilarious and zany debates! Challenge your friends in debates and make sure that your argument stands out, as you’ll succeed if you can convince other players that your argument is the right one. This game can be played 3+ players by anyone aged 17+.
Click Here To See Debate It On Our Website
PanDogMonium is an easily-transportable, fast-paced card slapping game with a canine twist! In PanDogMonium tests your wits and reflexes, the aim of the game is to collect as many cards as possible, using quick reactions to slap the pile when one of five card sequences appear: two of the same dog card played consecutively, two of the same dog with one different dog in between them, three of the same dog toy played consecutively, three different dog toys played consecutively, whenever a bone card is played. This game is ideal for any dog lover, and can be played with between 2 and 6 players by anyone aged 8+!
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Fancy Putting Your Vocabulary To The Test?

Do you enjoy learning new words or want to test you what you already know? Our game, Wordsmithery, is perfect for every wordsmith! In Wordsmithery, players try to guess the meaning of tricky words, first without any clues, and then with the help of three fun multiple-choice options! You’ll get two points if you manage to guess the meaning of the word without the multiple choice, and one point if you guess the meaning of the word from the multiple-choice options. The first player to ten points wins!

We’ve had lots of fun showing you more of our Wordsmithery street game series on social media! In our most recent Wordsmithery post, we showed what might be the quickest game of Wordsmithery we’ve played yet! Watch it by clicking on the thumbnail on the left.

Game Of The Month

Our Game Of The Month for July is The Mole! The Mole is an adult social deduction game for shady people. In The Mole, the majority of players will be spies, who must use careful questions and answers to try and figure out their fellow players’ secret identities. The spies will all know what the secret location for the round is, and must be subtle about their answers as to not give away what the location is. Meanwhile, one player will have the role of the mole, and will be trying to go undetected whilst also attempting to work out what the secret location is.
It’s up to the spies to try and work out who the mole is amongst them, while the mole must try to guess the secret location!

The Mole is played with between 3 and 7 players and is great for anyone aged 17+.