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March And April Recap!

What Have We Been Up To In March And April?

Spring is here and the sun is shining! For this blog post, we’re recapping what we got up to in both March and April. We’ve had a lot of exciting announcements as well as other fun bits and bobs happening over these two months, read about them below!

Priorities Launches In Walmart Canada!

We are very excited to announce that Priorities is now available in Walmart Canada!

Priorities is our party game of extreme honesty and absurd choices. To start, one player is chosen to be the first target player, they draw five random item cards – it is their job to secretly rank those items on a whiteboard from love to loathe. It is then up to the other players to try and guess how the target player has ranked the items. In Priorities, it’s the players versus the game. Every correctly ranked card is won by the players, while every incorrectly ranked card is won by the game. The first team to spell out the word Priorities with the letters on the back of the cards wins!

Priorities is the perfect game for find out how well your friends and family really know you, or even as an icebreaker for getting to know new people! Priorities can be played with 2+ players by anyone aged 14+.

Time To Jabber Jaw!

In March and April, we continued our Jabber Jaw street game series! In this series, we challenge players to describe or mime 3 alliterative phrases in 60 seconds to win. We had a great time filming these hilarious videos, check them out by clicking on the thumbnails above.

Jabber Jaw is our shouty-outy alliterative party game where the aim is to describe alliterative phrases to your team. The catch? You can’t say the two words that start with the same letter! Jabber Jaw is suitable for 4-12 players aged 10+.

Spring Board Games

We’ve loved sharing snapshots of our games soaking up the spring sunshine these past two months – check them out below. Click on the thumbnails and comment to let us know what games you’re playing this spring!

Classified In Barnes & Noble!

We have another exciting launch announcement! Our after-dinner spy game Classified is now available in Barnes & Noble!

Classified is a co-operative party game, in the first phase of the game (called Special Ops 1) players must scribble on cards in order to create cryptic codes. These codes will indicate which polaroid picture that each player has been secretly assigned! Your codes must help your teammates guess which polaroid is yours. You’ll win a code card for every correctly matched code card and polaroid pair, these are extremely helpful in the second phase of the game.

In the second phase, Special Ops 2, the enemy has closed in on your operation – you can now only use the scribbled-on code cards that you and your team have already won to help each other guess more polaroids – you’ll win every correctly guessed polaroid while the enemy will steal any incorrectly guessed polaroid. The team (either the players or the enemy) with the most polaroids collected at the end of the game will win!

Classified is suitable for 2-6 players aged 10+.

International Women’s Day Celebrations In March

On the 8th of March we celebrated International Women’s Day! As part of our International Women’s Day celebrations, we spoke to Liberty, our Social Media Actor, about her experiences working in the acting industry as a woman, and how these experiences translate over to the board gaming industry:
‘Hi, my name is Liberty. I’m an actor and presenter, and I’ve worked with Clarendon presenting games on social media. As an actor for 10 years, I’ve certainly had to battle to be valued and dealt with people with dubious intentions. But it’s also where I’ve developed all my confidence, where I discovered my joy of making people laugh and found so many razor sharp, wonderful women. In my industry, working with a company like Clarendon has been a breath of fresh air. It’s refreshing to not just be heard when you talk but also fully encouraged and trusted. Everyone deserves to feel that way, but it’s rare to find. I’ve got to work closely with amazing women, and be so proud of the work we do. It’s a real joy to work with a company that brings a smile to so many people!’

Game Of The Month

Our Game Of The Month for both March and April is Roarrr! Roarr! is the hilarious and raucous party game about weird and wonderful creatures and trying to identify them after someone makes noises they imagine the creatures would make! To start a round, one player randomly determines the ‘target creature’ for the round, then makes the noises that they believe best fit that creature whilst other players close their eyes.

The other players can then open their eyes, they must now attempt to identify the target creature from a selection of 5 creature cards based on the noises they heard alone!

Everyone guesses simultaneously, it’s then time to work out who guessed correctly. The player who made the noise gets a point if the majority guessed correctly, and everyone else gets a point for guessing correctly, or for guessing with the majority.

Roarrr! Is suitable for 3-6 players aged 6+.