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Holiday Season Is Now Upon Us!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Holiday Season!

We’re now at the end of November, which can only mean one thing – it’s time to get excited about holiday season! Holiday season is one of the best times of year to get out board games that the whole family can enjoy during special get-togethers, here are some recommendations for us that will have everyone around the table rolling with laughter.

Jabber Jaw

Jabber Jaw is our shouty-outy alliterative party game! Split into teams and get ready, you’ll need to describe or mime phrases like ‘The judges juggled’ or ‘Tasty tomatoes’ to your teammates – the more they guess correctly, the more points you’ll earn. However, there’s a catch! You can’t say the two words that start with the same letter. Hilarity will ensue as you and your fellow players try to come up with inventive ways to express the alliterative words!

Jabber Jaw can be played with 4-12 players aged 10+.

Check out this recent social media video of some hilarious Jabber Jaw gameplay to find out more!


Priorities is the hilarious party game of extreme honesty and absurd choices! To start, one player (the target player) draws 5 random item cards. These items could be anything from A Long Hug to Moist Towelettes. Then, the target player ranks those 5 items from love to loathe. After this, it is up to the other players to predict their ranking – the target player’s preferences will become the centre of a hot debate! In Priorities, it’s the players vs the game – every correctly ranked card will be won by the players, while every incorrectly ranked card will be won by the game. Whoever can spell out Priorities with the letters on the back of the cards first wins!

Priorities can be played with 2+ players, so can accommodate groups of any size, aged 14+.

Priorities is now available at Target! Click below to see Priorities on

Doodle Mayhem

Ready, steady, doodle! Doodle Mayhem is our bonkers drawing game where everybody draws at the same time! Players will race to finish their drawing as quickly as possible in order to pick up the highest scoring points card. They will then form temporary teams, and will only earn the points if their team managed to guess their drawing. It’s important to balance speed and accuracy in this fast, paced, fun-filled, raucous game!

Doodle Mayhem can be played with 3-6 players aged 8+.

We challenged members of the public to play Doodle Mayhem with us! We had a great time filming this series, watch the video below for an insight into Doodle Mayhem’s gameplay!

Get To Know: Imposter!

Are you a fan of social deduction games? Want to put your detective hat on at your next gathering or game night? Imposter! is the perfect game for you! Imposter! is a conversation-based whodunnit mystery game. Players take on the role of guests spending the weekend at the Earl of Simpleton’s castle. Not everyone is who they seem though, as there are imposters lurking in the midst of the innocent guests! Can the innocent guests identify the Imposters before the Imposters can steal all the treasure? Find out more about Imposter! below.

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Game Of The Month

Our Game of The Month for November is Truth Serum: Truth Or Dare. Truth Serum: Truth Or Dare is part of our Party Poisons collection, 3 pocket-sized adult party games.

To play Truth Serum: Truth Or Dare, one player will start by selecting another player, they must decide whether they’d like to do a truth or a dare.

If the answerer chooses to do a Truth, the questioner draws a card from the pile and reads out the Truth question; and vice versa, if the answerer chooses to do a dare, the questioner draws a card and reads out the dare. If the player satisfactorily completes the dare, or tells the truth, they win that card. If the player fails to complete the dare, or tell the truth, the card is discarded. It’s up to the questioner to decide whether the task was done satisfactorily or not! The first player to earn 5 cards wins the game!

Truth Serum: Truth Or Dare can be played with 2+ players aged 17+.