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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween From Us!

We hope that you’re enjoying celebrating scary season.

To mark the season, we’ve put together a list of games to play at your Halloween get-togethers! Check out these games for a frightfully fun night.

Halloween Game Recommendations


Imposter! is our after-dinner social deduction game! Set in the Earl of Simpleton’s manor, players take on the role of guests at a dinner party. However, all players are not who they seem, as some guests will be imposters attempting to smuggle treasure out of the Earl’s manor! It is up to the innocent guests to use logic to work out who the imposters are, while the imposters must employ cunning and bluffing in order to go undetected.

In Imposter!, players have the option to choose a character card to encourage role play and conversation, why not give your role play a creepy twist for Halloween?

Imposter is suitable for 3-16 players aged 8+.

Want to see Imposter! in action? Check out our Imposter highlight video on TikTok here – or watch the full play through here!

Savage Cyanide: Debate It!

Savage Cyanide: Debate It! is an adult party game from our Party Poisons collection. Debate It! will have you trading opinions on a myriad of outrageous debates, perhaps you and your group could select Halloween-themed debates such as ‘What would be the most useful in a zombie apocalypse?’. To start a round, each player is dealt a hand of twisted hilarious item cards they will have to get rid of as different topics are played into the centre of the table. Challenge a player who puts a card down with your own cards and engage them in debate. Can you argue your way to victory?

Debate It is suitable for 3+ players aged 17+.

The Mole

Shady people unite!
The Mole is an adult conversation-based hidden role game. In The Mole, the majority of players will be spies who all know the secret location, which will be selected from a collection of hilarious and naughty options. One player is the mole who does not know what the location is. Using question cards, the spies must try to figure out who the mole is, while the mole must try to figure out the location and go undetected!

The Mole is suitable for 3-7 players aged 17+.

The Latest With Our Social Media: Jabber Jaw!

We’ve recently posted a hilarious Jabber Jaw playthrough video showcasing a round of our side-splitting alliterative description game. Watch the video using the thumbnail above!

In Jabber Jaw, you’ll describe or mime out phrases like ‘do the dishes’ and ‘the grass grew’ for your team to guess; however, the catch is that you can’t say the two words that start with the same letter!

Jabber Jaw is suitable for 4-12 players aged 10+.

Game Of The Month

October’s Game Of The Month is Words Apart, a filthy party game for word lovers!

Words Apart is a co-operative party game, players will work together to provide clues to the target player. In a round, one player will pick a number that corresponds to a word provided on the card. On their whiteboards, the other players write down a single word associated with this word, generating clues for the guesser. However, you and your fellow players must be original when writing words down, as any duplicate words will have to be erased!

Words Apart is suitable for 3+ players aged 17+.