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February Round-Up!

Our February Blog Post Is Here!

Let’s take a look back at February and round up the best bits of the month!

Valentine's Day Celebrations

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day, we shared our picks for two player games to bring people together in the month of love! Check out our recommendations for games that can be enjoyed by just two people.

Priorities is our party game of extreme honesty and absurd choices. It’s the ideal game for getting to know someone, or finding out how well a person actually knows you!

In a two-player game of Priorities, one person is selected to be the first target player. The target player will select five random item cards and then rank them from love to loathe according to their personal preference. It is then up to the other player to predict their ranking. Every correctly ranked card is won by the players, who are working together in a team, while every incorrectly ranked card is won by the game (their opponent). It’s then the next player’s turn, play continues until either the players or the game spell our Priorities with the letters on the back of their cards – whoever can do this first is the winner!

Priorities is suitable for 2+ players aged 14+.

Find Priorities on here!

Do you enjoy trivia? How about trivia with a tinge of nostalgia? Look no further than I’m Getting Too Old For This Sh*t!

In this game, you’ll be trying to recall facts about events in recent pop culture history. Prepare to answer questions like ‘When did TikTok launch?’ and ‘How old was Olivia Rodrigo when she released ‘Good For U’?’. In a two-player game, both players will shout out an answer after a question is revealed, so both players answer every question. You’ll get 3 points for getting the exact answer, and 1 for being 1 away from it – so make sure to be as accurate as possible as the first to 15 points wins!

I’m Getting Too Old For This Sh*t is suitable for 2+ players aged 14+.

Find I’m Getting Too Old For This Sh*t on Amazon here!

UFO Throw is an action-packed card tossing game that will turn any games night into an exciting challenge! In UFO Throw, players split into two teams, in a two-player game the players simply enter into a one-on-one contest. Players must attempt to land their UFO cards onto the enemy team’s planet by tossing the cards into cups placed in the centre of the table! There is no turn taking, everyone attempts to land their cards at the same time, which leads to hilarious chaos. You’ll win points for every card that lands in your opponent’s cup, so come prepared to flex your hand-eye coordination.

UFO Throw can be played with 2-8 players aged 4+.

Find UFO Throw on our website here!

Let's Play With Clarendon Games On YouTube

We have been posting a collection of hilarious Let’s Play videos on our YouTube channel recently! These videos exhibit full gameplay of rounds of a selection of our games.

Click on the link below to go to our channel and find the videos for Jabber Jaw, Poppycock, and The Mole!

We plan to continue posting Let’s Play videos in the near future, so let us know what you think!

Game Recommendations For Younger Players

In our last newsletter edition of February, we recommended some of our games that would be suitable for games nights involving younger players (ages 6 and up) – see which games we recommend for a fun-filled board gaming experience below!

PanDogMonium is our fast-paced card slapping game with an adorable canine twist! In PanDogMonium, you must use quick reflexes to collect as many cards as you can by slapping the card pile when one of five conditions is met. Watch out for the stick card! If this card is played then the person who played it can throw the card and then flip through their own cards until they find one matching the top of the pile. Everyone else must run to fetch the stick card and bring it back as quickly as possible to stop them from finding a matching card. PanDogMonium is suitable for 2-6 players aged 6+.
Find PanDogMonium Here!
Herding Cats
Calling all cat lovers! Herding Cats is our 100-meow-an-hour card grabbing game where fast reactions (and a dash of cunning) are very im-purr-tant. In Herding Cats, you'll be working together with a partner, your aim is to collect four of a kind cat cards and indicate this to your partner with a secret signal to win points! Be careful though, your opponents may intercept you, so be ready to bluff to fool the opposing teams! Herding Cats can be played with 4-12 players aged 6+.
Find Herding Cats Here!
Roarrr! is our party game of noisy creatures. In this hilarious game about weird and wonderful creatures you'll be trying to identify a certain creature after someone makes noises they imagine the creature would make! To play, one player is selected as the first 'noise maker' who will randomly select a creature and then make noises that they think will help people to identify the creature while everyone else closes their eyes. After they're done, the other players simultaneously guess which creature is the target creature, figure out which guess is the popular guess, all of these players will win a point! The 'noise maker' will then win a point if the popular guess was correct. The player who has the most points after everyone has been the 'noise maker' once wins! Roarrr! is suitable for 3-6 players aged 6+.
Find Roarrr! Here!

Game Of The Month

Our Game Of The Month for February is Word Merge! Word Merge is a part of our pocket-sized Miracle Medicine collection and so is a great option to bring on-the-go. In Word Merge, the aim of the game is to quickly find words from the letter cards being placed down. One player is chosen to be the dealer for the round, they will lay letter cards on the table one at at time. As the dealer lays letters down, the other players try to look for words (using at least three of the letter cards). Once a word has been found, the player can shout it out – they will win the letter cards that make up that word if their word is permitted by the dealer. The player with the most letter cards at the end of the round gets a point. Play proceeds until all players have had a turn of dealing the cards. The player with the most points at the end wins!
Word Merge is suitable for 2-6 players aged 6+.