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Exciting Updates in March!

Here Are Our March Updates!

Read to find out about an amazing Clarendon Games bundle giveaway and our latest news

UK Mums TV Giveaway

We have some very exciting news on the giveaway front! We are currently partnering with UKMumsTV, a parenting blog, to run a giveaway of an absolutely huge bundle of our games. These games can be played by all age groups, perfect for some Easter holiday fun! The giveaway is open as of the time of writing and closes on Monday the 3rd of April 2023 at 15:30. The bundle contains one copy each of: 

  • Cake Stacker 
  • Wordsmithery 
  • Jabber Jaw 
  • UFO Throw 
  • Imposter 
  • Poppycock 
  • After Dinner Riddles 
  • Categories Game 
  • Bluff Trivia 
  • Word Merge 
  • PanDogMonium 
  • Herding Cats 

This bundle is not to be missed, enter now to be in with a chance to win! 

Social Media

We’ve been working hard to create an abundance of new content for our social media this month. In fact, we have launched four new video series! 

The first of these series was teased in last month’s blog post! We challenged pairs to spontaneously say the same word at the same time, which had hilarious results! 

Secondly, we premiered a street game style version of our social deduction game Imposter. In this game, we asked groups to attempt to work out who amongst them is an imposter. It has been so fun watching our players use reasoning and logic to try to figure out which of them is not telling the truth, and we can’t wait to show you more of this series. 

The third new series we released this month was our Poppycock trivia series, where we asked members of the public a tricky question to win a copy of our game Poppycock. Would you be able to answer the question ‘what is illegal to wear in the Houses of Parliament?’ correctly? 

Finally, we have also taken our game Brain Elixir: After Dinner Riddles to the street, asking players to answer the riddle to win a copy of the game! Check out the video by clicking on the thumbnail on the right to give the riddle a try! 

You can find all of these videos (and more) on our social media channels, use our Linktree below to watch, and keep your eyes peeled for new content coming your way in April. 

Women's History Month 2023

Women’s History Month, which spans from the 1st to the 31st of March, is now drawing to a close. In celebration of this event, we would like to spotlight the achievements of Elizabeth Magie, an American board game designer. Elizabeth was steadfast in her championing of gender equality, and was able to patent her game, The Landlord’s Game, despite the fact that men held around 99% of American patents at the time. She was a highly inspirational woman and changed the board game landscape for good. Read more about Elizabeth in our Instagram post, linked below.

Game Of The Month

Our game of the month for March is Poppycock! Poppycock is a bluffing trivia game that is not only about what you know, but how well you convince others that you know the answer! Not sure of the answer to a question? No problem, you can bluff and act like you do, you might just get away with it. However, if anyone shouts ‘Poppycock’ to call you on your bluff, you must have the correct answer to avoid the penalty of moving back on the game board. Is a bluff worth the risk? Can you Poppycock your way to victory? 

Poppycock is designed for between 3 and 6 players and can be played by anyone aged 10 and over! Why not add it to the roster in your next game night?