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What Have We Been Up To In February?

Welcome To Our February Blog Post!

It’s been another busy month for us here at Clarendon Games, let’s get into it shall we? 

Social Media

We’ve been rolling out some new series on our social media, including a gameplay series and a how-to-play series. These have been immensely fun to film, and we’re looking forward to showing you more of these types of videos in the future! 

We have also filmed some new content in the street game style, challenging pairs to say the same word at the same time! We can’t reveal it to you yet, so stay tuned to our social media to watch as soon as we post these new videos.

We’d like to thank you all for your continued support with the new content we’ve been producing for our social media. As of the time of writing, one Take It or Risk It video on our Instagram has passed 1 million views! We’re really excited to show you more engaging and hilarious content. 

Clarendon Game Night

A big part of playing board games is the community aspect, and we’d love for you to join in with our Clarendon Game Night! Post a video on social media of you playing any of our games using the #clarendongamenight and we’ll give you 50% off your next order. We hope that you love playing our games as much as we do.

Board Game Cafés

Have you ever visited a board game café? They’re the perfect combination of delicious food and drink, great atmosphere, and amazing board games! Here are some cafés based in the UK where you might just spot a few of our games on the shelves: 

Rogues Quarter: a board game café situated in north London with a great variety of games and an extensive food and drink menu

Bad Moon Cafe: this central London café not only has a wide menu, including wood-fired pizza and barista coffee, but also an inviting and comfortable space with a huge selection of games

Sliced N Diced: based in Birmingham, Sliced N Diced creates a board game café experience that feels just like going round to a friend’s house for board game night with its great menu, excellent variety of games, and comfortable atmosphere

Game of the Month

Our game of the month for February is Jabber Jaw! Jabber Jaw is our hilarious alliterative description game where your task is to describe phrases like ‘the judges juggled’ to your team without saying the two key words that start with the same letter, they must guess as many as they can in 60 seconds! Whichever team makes it the whole way around the board is the winner. Jabber Jaw is great shouty-out fun designed for between 4 and 12 players, and can be played by anyone aged 10 or above.