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Big News In August!

We Have Big News This August!

We’ve had an extremely busy and exciting month this August! Read this month’s blog post to check out our recommendations for your next family or adult game night, as well as news about the launch of Priorities into Target!

Recommendations For Your Next Family Game Night

As summer starts drawing to a close, you might be starting to think about cozy nights in around a table with a board game!

We’ve put together our picks of games that will gather the whole family together and have them in stitches! Check them out below.

Jabber Jaw

Jabber Jaw is a hilarious shout-outy party game of alliterative description! It's your job to describe or mime phrases like 'the judges juggled' for your teammates to guess without saying the two words that start with the same letter! You’ll be able to make your way further around the game board and closer to victory the more phrases that your team guesses, so make sure that you’re not letting the other teams guess more phrases than yours does! Jabber Jaw is suitable for 4-12 players aged 10 and over.

Doodle Mayhem

Are you ready to play a fast-paced drawing game that’ll put your fast drawing skills to the test? Doodle Mayhem is our zany drawing game where everybody draws at the same time. Race against your family to be the first person to finish your drawing and pick up the highest points card available, but be careful, as you'll only win those points if your drawing can be guessed by the temporary team that you’ll form after each drawing phase is over! It's important to balance speed and accuracy in this bonkers game. Doodle Mayhem is suitable for 3-6 players aged 8 and over.


Are your family fans of social deduction games? Then they will love Imposter! Welcome to the Earl of Simpleton's dinner party! You and your fellow players take on the role as guests at the Earl's party, but some guests among you may not be all that they seem! While the innocent players will be trying to send letters, some players will be imposters who are looking to smuggle treasure out of the Earl's castle! It will be up to the innocent players to stop them using deduction and logic. The imposters, on the other hand, must use cunning and deception to go undetected and secure their victory! Imposter is suitable for 3-16 players aged 10 and over.

Recommendations For Your Next Adult Game Night

If you’re looking for some games to bring along to your next adult game night, we have a collection of easily portable card games – Clarendon Games’ Party Poisons! These games are pocket-sized fun and are sure to bring laughter to the table!

Most Likely To

Ever wanted to find out what your friends really think about you? In Most Likely To, you are your friends will vote anonymously on a variety of outrageous and NSFW topics and decide which of your friends is 'most likely to' fit with that topic. Watch out, though, the player who is 'most likely to' will get to guess at who has voted for them! If they didn’t already know what you thought of them, they will now! Most Likely To is suitable for 3-8 players, aged 17 and over.

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is our party game of terrible truths and belly-laugh inducing dares. Discover what your friends are capable of in this outrageous party game! In Truth or Dare, you'll win cards by tackling your choice of truth or dare. Answer truthfully enough and you will be awarded the card – hold back and you might not win that card. Or, you could risk taking a dare – get ready to do something outrageous in the pursuit of victory! Truth or Dare is suitable for 2+ players, aged 17 and over.

Debate It!

Debate It! is the twisted debate game where you'll trade opinions about the most zany debates of our time! Ready your best arguments as you debate why your choice is the best and your opponent’s is awful. It is up to the others to decide which one is the winning argument, so make sure that your pitch is appealing! Each player is dealt a hand of twisted hilarious item cards they will have to get rid of as different topics are played into the centre of the table. Challenge a player who puts a card down with your own cards, and engage them in a fierce debate. Debate It! is suitable for 3+ players, aged 17 and over.

Priorities Has Launched In Target!

We’ve had a very exciting month this month, as one of our games, Priorities, launched in Target on the 4th of August!

Priorities is our party game of extreme honesty and absurd choices. To play, the target player must rank 5 random items (these can range from A Long Hug to Nutella) from love to loathe. It is then up to the other players to try and predict how they’ve ranked each item, you preferences will because the centre of a hot debate! Every correctly ranked card is won by the players, who are working collectively as a team, and every incorrectly ranked card is won by the game. Whichever team, either the players or the game, can spell out Priorities with the letters on the back of the cards first wins!

Priorities is now available in your nearest Target. You can also check it out on using the link below.

Game Of The Month

Our Game Of The Month For This Month is Merriment Mixture: Categories Game! In the Categories Game, you’ll have to use fast wits and originality to name as many items in a randomly selected category as possible, with players giving an item one after another! You may have to name as many dog breeds as you know, or try to come up with inventive terms of endearment! Be warned – if you hesitate, repeat, or incorrectly answer, then you’ll be eliminated from the round; so be sure to stay on the ball. The last person standing in the round will win the category card, and the first to collect three cards wins the game!
The Categories Game takes 2 minutes to learn and has endless replayability. The minimum number of players is 2, and so this game works great both with big and small groups, perfect for your next game night! This game is suitable for anyone aged 8+.