Affiliate Sign-Up

Affiliate Sign-Up

Earn 15% commission on every confirmed sale!

Ever wondered how you can maximise the earning potential of your website? By becoming a Clarendon affiliate you can earn money for directing traffic to our site - every time one of your visitors makes a purchase from our website, you’ll earn 15% commission. It really is that easy!

Why should I become a Clarendon Affiliate?

We have extensive online marketing experience. We're actively involved in SEO, PPC, email marketing and affiliate marketing.

We're dedicated to making our affiliate program as effective as possible for our affiliates, by offering: great creative, a contact in house, a fantastic on site conversion rate, 90 day cookie and daily sales validations.

There is no limit to how much you can earn by becoming a Clarendon affiliate. For every completed sale we will pay you 15%! We’re always eager to help our affiliates and keen to find new ways to incentivise you make even more sales!

We've got a wide range of banners and text links for you to use on your site, and we're always happy to create something new for you if you want something in particular to fit with your site.

Program benefits:
•    Great commission rates – 15%!
•    Easy integration, no software to install
•    Choose from banners and offers of different sizes - all art work done by Clarendon

How do I get started?

Click on the link “Sign Up To Be An Affiliate"  at the bottom of the page to get started. Please read our Afiiliate Terms and Conditions prior to signing up. By signing up, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. For further information on the Clarendon Affiliate Network, please contact Will on +44 (0)20 8946 3085.