Market Meltdown

Market Meltdown
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Market Meltdown is a brand new board game where, instead of merely watching a financial crisis unfold, you could make billions of pounds from it! A game only for those with nerves of steel – are you slick and cool enough to resist the widespread panic and make a fortune?

Players take on the role of traders betting hundreds of millions on behalf of the bank. Just like with investing in the real stock market, you can win and lose big. Every trading day, the momentum of the meltdown gathers pace and depletes your funds at an increasing rate. Consequently, as the game progresses, you’re forced into bigger and more desperate stock market gambles in order to stay in the play. The last player to remain afloat is the winner!

Part familiar board game format, part roulette with a twist, you don’t need financial wizardry or betting knowhow to win Market Meltdown – just a smattering of skill, a cool head and a little luck as you move your piece (a private jet, naturally) around the board.

You make money by gambling on the stock market, represented by the roulette wheel. When you’re at risk of bankruptcy, or merely after more money to burn, you can quickly borrow up to a billion pounds by “going rogue”. Be careful with this strategy, for soon you may have to pay this loan back with a high interest rate. So try to make a quick return with the borrowed money and be sure not to lose it or you risk going out of the game!

There are other factors to add to the fun, such as luck cards, market data, banker’s bonuses and more. Will you be quids in and luck out? Blow away your competitors or blow out yourself?

Because players rely on a combination of luck and strategy to play Market Meltdown, this fast-paced game for two to four players is fun for all the family (aged 12+) since anyone can win! It’s also easy to pick up, although hard to put down. The momentum of the meltdown also gathers such speed that games never take longer than 40 minutes.

Here is a link to a short film about the game: Market Meltdown Intro

Fun and mayhem is guaranteed!

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